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Chel Sea said: January 8th, 2016 3:03 pm

I have a 2014 camaro ss which berry built a custom exhaust for. Headers all the way back. Not only was he significantly cheaper than the other shoppes in savannah he also would build it exactly how i wanted. This added enough power that i had to get wider tires in the rear to provide traction. also very soon after i had exhaust system installed i hit a raccoon and cracked the collector on the bottom of my left header, which is stainless steel, and the next day i brought it to him and he professionally welded it back and has been perfect ever since. Piero, berrys right hand man, is also very knowledgeable about exhausts and engines. when Berry is not there Piero will answer and questions you have. From setting an appointment to having my car finished was all very smooth, quick, and cheap! Thanks Berry!!!

Brock said:   January 8th, 2016 2:12 pm
I have a new ss camaro that berry built a custome exhaust for. Not only does is sound f***** amazing it increased my horsepower and 0-60 time! Stock i was running a 4.4-4.5. With this custome custom exhaust i am now rinning a consistent 4.3 "sometimes a 4.2!" But i did have to get wider tires to get traction. Also any time i have questions or concers they are adressed IMMEDATLY! I hit a racoon which cracked my new header that berry installed so i brought it to him the next day and he fixed it in less than 45 min! And charged me a fraction of what other shoppes quoted me. If berry is nit there Pierro will know the answer to any question and will work quickly and efficiently to adress any question you have. Not to mention miss. Beautiful that greets you when you come into the office. Over all from talking to them on the phone to getting everything installed the entire experience it's quick easy and wonderful! 

Justin Atkinson said:  December16th,2015

Are you kidding? I call, they quote and say come on in. I get my truck there within an hour and two hours after that I'm out of there with a new exhaust! Outstanding service, workmanship, and availability!

Payam Nabz said: November24th 2015

Brought my 2015 BMW M4 to have my Active Autowerke exhaust put on. They did a great job and made sure it fit perfectly without any leaks. I wouldn't trust any thee shop in Savannah with an exhaust. Thanks!

Frank Soto said: November 20th, 2015

Excellent service good people will do business again!

Delores Barthelmess said: March 14th, 2014

I love these guys, they work on all our cars and our motorhome- They are great!!! They have saved the day more than once!!!!

Liz said:   July 5th, 2013 2:42 pm
After searching and searching all over Savannah for years, I have finally found someone that I know I can honestly depend on and trust when it comes to my car! Elizabeth, the receptionist, was so helpful and kind! There is nothing more stressful than having to work on your car, so Elizabeth's courtesy and warm personality really helped ease my anxiety of getting it fixed. Not only was Elizabeth awesome, but as soon as I got there with my car, Barry pulled it right into the shop and began looking at it and troubleshooting without any delay! Furthermore, after a previous mechanic stated my muffler needed to be replaced and would cost me almost a grand (that's right a grand!) to fix, Barry informed me that it wasn't even close to being that much and the muffler wasn't even the problem! Barry could have easily did what the last mechanic did and charge me way way too much, but he was honest. Lastly, he had my car completely finished (replaced exhaust fabrication and welding, replaced cat converter, replaced flex pipe, AND replaced my entire oil pan bc the bottom of it had rusted out) in 24 HOURS! The previous mechanic said it would take him several days or up to two weeks. Savannah has never been an easy town to find a great and trust-worthy and time/cost efficient mechanic, but all my stress and worries can rest easy now because I found Barry's!

Ken Kelly said:   May 3rd, 2013 4:03 pm
Rusty welded up my long tube headers and "B" pipes a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning. I could tell he had a lot to do and was by himself, (I think Barry was in Daytona or something), but he went ahead and got my work done and got it done very quickly. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs exhaust service on their vehicle.

Virginia Cone said:   September 11th, 2012 2:38 pm
I highly recommend Barry's Muffler&Brake Center,i love their service i'm not taking my vehicle any where else they have a very friendly staff and any work i've had done i've been extremely satisfied,i want all my friends to come here because they will love it i promise!

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